Good and bad
Are words.
Thought by thought,
Existing only in our minds,

Reality is beyond,
Prior to concepts,
Not bound by concepts.

Concepts divide reality,
Into complementary parts,
Good and bad,
Sin and virtue,
War and peace,
And so on.

The problem arises,
When we want one,
Without the other.

Can’t have one,
Without the other.
Can’t see good,
Without seeing bad,
Or virtue
Without sin.

The problem too,
Is creation of thought.
The solution lies
In seeing through it,
A pointless endeavor,
Chasing behind dreams.

For while words are not,
Reality is.

“Practice, practice, practice! For practice makes perfect”

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Amit Sudan

I’m an investor in public markets & spend time understanding fundamentals of many fields. I write as a way to clear my thinking. If it helps you, let me know.

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